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i-CUBE Engineering Technologies develop innovative manufacturing processes and products with a focus on rendering & appearance with decreasing cost and production waste.

It helps in transforming standard Manufacturing processes into demand driven and digitally executed automate operations. Solutions include enhancing the Manufacturing intelligence in the shop floor with integrated planning.We provide highly integrated, comprehensive manufacturing solutions to customers who build equipment and manage projects that shape the world we live in.


Today's engineering imperatives are to do more with less and accelerate time to market, minimize cost of product and investment, and differentiate with better and competitive products.

i-CUBE Engineering Technologies offer a comprehensive design service encompassing the elements of initial market research, design specifications, prototyping phase and renderings leading to a complete 3D digital model.

i-CUBE Engineering Technologies service Include:

       ¨     New product development solutions

       ¨     Conceptual design, product design and analysis

       ¨     Production drawing

       ¨     CAD conversion

       ¨     Reverse engineering of existing part or   apparatus

 ¨   Casting and               mechanical  validation