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Patents & IPR

Patentability Analysis

Patentability search enables to check the patentability of an invention before applying for patent protection. The patentability search report helps a client in making the final decision of filing for patent registration.



   Patent Drafting and Filing Assistance

Patent drafting is most important legal technical   documentation in patent registration process.

We provide thorough assistance in drafting and   filing process in and outside India.


Prior Art Search


Prior art search is important to decide the  status of a technology in reference to  advancement in the field. The prior  art search is conducted with a  specific end goal to get closely  relevant prior art, patents and/or  published patent applications which  are equivalent to the specific  technology.



 Patent Infringement Analysis

Infringement analysis is conducted in order to determine whether a product or a process infringes upon an existing patent claim. In order to conduct an infringement analysis, firstly the scope of the claim should be determined and then it should be checked whether all elements of the claim are present in the device or process. One or more dependent claim includes each limitation of the claims from which it depends.

Freedom to Operate Search

Understand the risks of potential infringement prior to launching a new product or service into the marketplace. Also known as a Clearance Search, Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) searches are used to determine the risks of potential patent infringement prior to launching a new product or service. An FTO search identifies patents with claims that may cover a technology



Patent Technology Landscape

A comprehensive study of the patents in a technology field to help you understand the current and future trends in technology and explore lucrative business opportunities. Technology landscapes are an important asset in the technology development that summarize the IP activities of competitors, market overview and gaps (whitespace analysis) in the technology domain.

Patent Validity Search/Patent Invalidity Search

A patent validity/patent invalidity search is conducted after grant/issuance of the patent. Though the search methodology of both is same, but the objective differs.