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Industrial Robotics

An industrial robot is a manipulator designed to move materials, parts and tools, and perform a variety of programmed tasks in manufacturing and production settings.

Typical applications of industrial robots include welding, painting, ironing, assembly, pick and place, palletizing, product inspection, and testing, all accomplished with high endurance, speed, and precision.

i-CUBE Engineering Technologies offers you wide range of customised robot for your future and current projects for different application. With a very user-friendly interface, the robot can be hand-guided and reproduce the same path for multiple manipulations. Here are a few primary examples.

Embedded Solutions

Embedded systems and software are driving the new-age lifestyle, encompassing various aspects of modern life.    

i-CUBE Engineering Technologies expertise in Embedded Software is particularly relevant to customers in the Consumer Electronics, Telecommunications, Wireless, Medical Electronics, Industrial Automation, Automotive, Semiconductor, High Performance Computing and Media & Broadcasting space.

We have in-depth domain knowledge and expertise in the entire embedded systems space, ranging from concept to product launch.

Using the latest methodologies, we help you optimize R&D, validate embedded designs and reduce development costs which differentiate product.

Sheet Metal Design

i-CUBE Engineering Technologies offers professional sheet metal design services with the implementation of latest technology and advanced CAD Software.

The systematic sheet metal design approach at i- CUBE Engineering Technologies incorporates the following:

  • All kinds of sheet cutting design, prototype development, component designing, and metal designing for parts and assemblies
  • Complete CAD/CAM solutions
  • Production 2D Drawing and 3D sheet metal model from conceptual sketches, pdf, image etc.
  • Reduce lead time, scrap and material cost
  • Reverse engineering and value engineering support
  • Estimation & costing
  • On-site technical consultancy and support